Piece Prices
Elk 365
Large Moose 345
Small Moose 58
Dragonfly Hanger 35
Painted Dragonfly Hanger     42
Buck 265
Doe 175
Fawn 49

 Mama Bear

Medium bear

95   36" high and 5' long

59   28" high and 4' long

Baby Bear 34    17" high x 30" long
Heron and Cattails 58
flowers, any style painted 35      new colors & styles       
  all primed and painted with Rust Olem paint
Big Black wolf /or gray wolf 69 primed & painted  / Rusty Wolf  $59
Pig 34       rusted
Wild Boar 53      
 baby buck 59
CORTEN STEEL big animals Elk, Moose $795 Ea. Buck $495 -lasts around 50 yrs. (price for material varies.email for quote)
Custom Pieces Varies call for a quote
Pick-up  FREE
Delivery Inquire


Prices, and specs. subject to change without notice.

Steel prices are changing constantly. Please call to make sure the prices are current .
*One of a kind  

Greg Millard

Do you want to know more about my work? Inquire about availability and custom projects  contact me or give me a call at (414) 915-6385.


Vista Metal Artworks @gmail.com

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