Metal Art Inspired by Nature

Welcome to Vista Metal Artworks! I use everyday materials and inspiration from nature to create unique works of art that complement any lawn, garden, or business's existing landscape. I am always coming up with new creations, so if there is something you've got in mind or if you've been inspired and don't see what you're looking for here, I'd be happy to work with you to bring it to life! -Greg


This majestic elk is almost life-size. His strong, ornate horns wave in the wind and will beckon all of your neighbors to come see what all of the commotion is about for only $ 335This Elk can also be made out of a special steel called corten. Estimated life of 50 plus years. It is made out of a thicker gauge of this steel. Email, or call for pricing. 

Elk life size in a natural setting. $335

New  4-17-17   big turkeys 11" dia. $58 and little turkeys $28 hand primed and painted.

Big Moose

Over the past few years I have designed and created a menagerie of different pieces of all shapes and sizes. 

I also offer a large moose out of a special steel called corten. Estimated life of 50 years.

This moose is a  special  order, and is made out of a thicker gage of this steel. Please email me for current pricing.


Greg Millard

Do you want to know more about my work? Inquire about availability and custom projects  contact me or give me a call at (414) 915-6385.


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