Metal Art Inspired by Nature

Welcome to Vista Metal Artworks! I use everyday materials and inspiration from nature to create unique works of art that complement any lawn, garden, or business's existing landscape. I am always coming up with new creations.

Please note

All my art is displayed outside in front of my house and can be seen from your car for social distancing.

Free delivery and setup on large art within 15 miles of our location with social distancing.

updated 11-18-2020


This majestic elk is almost life-size. His strong, ornate horns wave in the wind and will beckon all of your neighbors to come to see what all of the commotion is about for only $ 335 

Free delivery and set up within 15 miles of our location.

Head up $365 Elk life size in a natural setting. $335
Elk straight on left $335. Elk head up right $365
Big moose is 8' 6" long 6' high and 6' wide at the antlers and 400 lbs. left side $335 small $58 and 8' 10" long and 6'6" tall 200 lbs $595
The base and horse weigh approx. 700 lbs. and is bolted to the base New horse 10 feet high total with base $1395
Metal flowers $30-$40 each made fron old fram machinery 60-145 years old
hand painted L-R $40 and $35 for the 3 on the right old farm equipment into flowers 60- 100 years old
flowers $30-$40 for the red white and blue one
big moose$335.
other colors available 2 small ones NEW 2-2020 L-R 4' long 28 high $68. 2'2 x 13" high $29. Baby 20" long 9" high. $19

   big turkeys 11" dia. $59 and 8" for $49, 6" turkeys $39 and little turkeys $29  All hand primed and painted.

4 Different size turkeys from $29 - $59

Big Moose

Over the past few years, I have designed and created a menagerie of different pieces of all shapes and sizes. 


Greg Millard

Do you want to know more about my work?  Inquire about availability contact me by email at vista metal or give me a call at (414) 915-6385.

Sorry, no texts.


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I do not ship anymore due to the extremely high cost and problems with the trucking companies. You are able to pick up your art at my shop, or free delivery within 15 miles of our location on my large art, just call ahead to make sure I am not on a delivery. Sorry, no texts.