You will love your new metal artwork! Over time the unpainted figures will develop a gorgeous patina that will make them look even more realistic. My elk and Big moose are made out of a heavy gauge of metal. Each weighs around 160 lbs. Thick material that lasts. All my art is hand-sanded so you do NOT get cut. Kid-friendly to touch. I will not cheapen the quality by making lightweight/thin gauge metal on big animals. They will bend or fall over.

Thank you for your interest in Vista Metal Artworks - I appreciate the opportunity to show you what I've created.  I have many pieces for sale that are not shown in photos for sale at my home. Call me to make sure I am not on a delivery before you stop by. 414-915-6385 (7 days)

(hover over pictures for a brief description)

right  $295. middle $58.right  moose $595 and 260 lbs. Left 7' long x 5'8" high. right full size 8' 7" long and 6'6" high. These can be shipped anywhere in the U.S.A. Email me for a quote.
3 moose options. L. $335 M. $58and right moose595 and 260 lbs.
Horse 10 feet tall 700 lbs $1195,It moves in the wind like it's alive!
removable antlers add $30 left ,elk straight $ 335, Right Elk head up $365 these elk can be shipped across the U.S.A. Email me for a quote.
New baby Elk with horns up and horns back, $69 each
New baby Elk & baby Moose for size comparison
Big bear $115 5' x 3' medium bear $ 58 small one $34
red white and blue $40 the right 3 are $35 each Old farm equipment 60-100 years old
4 different styles 60-100 years old flowers any color
We have the pink one surrounded. turkeys from $29 and elephant $69
many sizes of turkeys Turkeys of all sizes and colors. Small from $29
All different colors of flowers $35 each, over 30 to choose from. More on the way.approx. 25 lbs. each
New Jack A Lope $20, small rabbit $5, Large rabbit $10.
New Horse 8' long 6' high. 400 lbs. call for current price
prices $29- $58 ( large turkey) 41 Lbs. 2 nd from right 4 sizes, left to right 4" is $29 to 12" $59
different color turkeys
updated stock as of 11-24-2020
The 2 small ones are NEW additions.Other colors Avaliable. L-R 4' long x 28" high $68. 2'2"long x 13" high.$29. baby 20" long and 9" high. $19
New 6-10-2016 Jacka Lope rabbit $20
All kinds of flowers,$35 each any size or color.Primed &Painted with Rust Oleum paint.
different colors avaliable New Flying Pig 10-2-15 primed and painted $68
painted Howling Wolf 57" x 30" and running" $73 each
All three for $415  reg. $481 seperate Buck,$265, Doe$168, and Fawn $48
primed wrought iron sculpture 5' high 4'wide 145 lbs. $ 345
Can be shipped Big Rabbit 18" high 13" across $20 each
option,can come with solar powered LED motion sensor eyes, with alarm. Alien 6 feet tall on base $125
New 2014 Scottish Bagpiper 7' high $195
Heavy gauge, steel primed and painted New 2014 Wolf 28" high 48" nose to tail. $ 73
optional colors available New 2014 Black Lab. 26" at shoulder and 48" long $69
New 2014 Scottish Terrier 18" high and about 26" long $39
New 2014 Pink baby elephant $68.00
sea dragon 3 piece set
no star metal tree. the holes are for orniments

Greg Millard

Do you want to know more about my work?  Inquire about availability contact me by email at vista metal or give me a call at (414) 915-6385.

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I do not ship anymore due to the extremely high cost and problems with the trucking companies. You are able to pick up your art at my shop, or free delivery within 15 miles of our location on my large art, just call ahead to make sure I am not on a delivery. Sorry, no texts.