About Vista Metal Artworks

Greg Millard, Metal Artist

Greg Millard has been working with steel since he was 16. Born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, he enjoys being able to do something he loves: making unique works of art from metal of all shapes and sizes that end up all over the great state of Wisconsin and beyond.

He got his start in metal work when he began working for Milwaukee Road alongside his father in his teens. He went on to start his own trailer manufacturing business in Bella Vista, Arkansas, named Vista Trailers, just a few years later. Over the course of 10 years Greg had successfully built over 3,000 trailers and repaired over 2,500 more.

From all of this traveling he has been inspired to come up with metal designs that mimic nature and can be easily added to any home or business. With a dismal economy slowing down business, Greg had time to take up a new passion: coming up with unique sculptures out of recycled metal and scrap metal he had sitting around collecting dust. Thus, Vista Metal Artworks was born!